Austin Powers: The Spy That Falked Me

This is amazing.

First, I would like to share the dream that I had earlier this week. Oprah tried to get me to smoke weed with her out of a coffee mug. How does one do that, I am not sure, I guess we should reach out to Oprah. Also Amanda Bynes was singing and dancing on stage.

Yeah not sure what is wrong with me.

I take a lot of Buzzfeed quizzes, but who doesn’t, those things are practically crack. I recently took a quiz on how much of a “falker” I was. I currently (well, always) live under a rock, so I didn’t know this was a term for a Facebook stalker.

As much as you try to deny it, most of us are pretty big falkers. (Okay can’t use that word anymore it really just sounds awful) Or even on other social media sites. You do not know true pain until you have accidentally liked someone’s Instagram picture when you’re 30 weeks back.

 You can’t really get an idea of who a person truly is until you have backstalked their tagged photos to when they were in seventh grade and had that really tragic haircut and braces. If you are smart and don’t want people to see embarrassing pictures of you in your awkward stage (too bad I am still in my awkward phase), I advise you to hide your old albums and untag yourself. Or I will probably find them.


And after clicking through pictures of one person, you may find yourself on another person’s page, and another’s and another’s, until you are close to knowing the life story of a person that you have never even met/heard of before. If you find yourself recognizing someone in person but not being able to recall how you know them, I guarantee you FALKED them.

Stay falky bitches.


P.S. Shall I include strength training circuits in the next post? Y/N/MAYBE

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